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Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Accommodations

Raja Ampat is composed of 4 main islands Weiwo,  Meisool, Salawati, and Batanta  and around 1500 other small islands, most of which are uninhabited, (Gam being an exception) in the islands, with the exception of Waiwo and the town of Waisai, you will find two different types of accommodations.

Waiwo Island Hotels in Waisai

Waiwo is the biggest by far island and in fact is as big as Bali, but is very sparsely populated. Accommodations can be found in the town of Waisai and a few outside of town .

Cheapest Guesthouse In Raja Ampat!

Waisai Guesthouse Toko Surya at $17 USD a night  for a spartan en suite mandy splash room that features 24 hour electric, with 3G WIFI available,  also 2 rooms with  cable TV  for a little extra. Marley Beach Bungalows Located in the jungle on the beach this is a fantastic resort for those looking to have a great affordable beach experience combined with awesome snorkeling on your private pier.   You can also go scuba diving at Waiwo Resort located just down the road. which can get you to all of the sites that the Live-a-boards and Homestays go to. Saleo Reef is one of the best snorkeling locations in Raja Ampat with tons of fish and beautiful corals located in shallow water.  Marley Beach is only $50 per person. Then you have the high end resort of Raja Ampat Dive Resort which will run you close to $700,000  per person per night. Luxury Resorts in the islands can start around 1.500,000 per night.

Waiwo Dive Resort

Manta Sandy Dive Site Raja AmpatWith a small house reef and close to many of the best dives sites  in Central Raja Ampat including Mike Point, Sardine Reef and Cape Kri.  Waiwo  Dive Resort would be a good choice for dive groups and dive clubs coming to Raja Ampat on a budget  features 15 Air Con rooms. The Diving is affordable  with your own gear. Multi day and group discounts available on request. Waiwo Dive Resort with western style en-suite beachside bungalows. Locally owned and located around 5 miles outside of town  offers fantastic views of most of the islands in central Raja Ampat. This dive resort can handle larger dive groups and dive clubs and offers the advantage of visits to Waisai and easy logistics to the new airport for charter groups coming to Waigo island, Raja Ampat Indonesia. At Waiwo Resort  the rooms are priced from $65 per person for fan rooms to $75 per person for the brand new air con rooms, all inclusive, except transfers. The management of this resort changes often and senior management is ineffective. We feel that the prices are not in tune with expectations at this price point. they always seem to miss the important little things like hot water , if you are paying for hot water your reasonable expectation is that you will have it. Another disappointment at this price range is the set menu which is what ever they decide to feed you. The food is good and plentiful but there is no opportunity available to pick your own meal selections at the resort.

Islands Resorts and Homestays

Home stays which are  for the most part  are very simple local materials construction  with very minimal amenities usually with splash mandy bathrooms and partial night time electricity only . There are also some high end exclusive beach resorts built around diving out on the islands Papua Diving, Eco Dive Lodge and Raja Ampat Dive Lodge are some of the more popular high end luxury dive resorts.

Raja Ampat Liveaboards

Many people that come to Raja Ampat find the best choice for accommodations for them is on a  Live aboard boat which run around $200 or more per person per night with dive package deals and off season bargains available There are around 40 live a boards that work the seas around Raja Ampat during the season. To reserve a room please email to [email protected]

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