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Beautiful Coral
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Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat Diving?

The Last Eden
The Last Eden
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Blue Magic Dive Site
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Raja Ampat is known as the richest biosphere on the planet Earth, and is sometimes refereed to as the Last Eden .

Raja Ampat has more confirmed spices of fish and corals than anywhere else in the world, so you are guaranteed to see a huge number of species of fish and corals, even very experienced scuba divers are surprised at the numbers of new fish and corals that they see when they are diving here.

Raja Ampat is basically a large conservation and preservation zone. The Indonesian Government realizes that they have something special here and it is protected like no other place in Indonesia. With a very small population living here the pressures on the environment are quite low helping to maintain this pristine diving area.

Raja Ampat Conservation Tag, Park Entrance Fee

You will be required to buy a Conservation tag you can buy in Sorong at JL Meridian but is much easier to get at ferry landing in Waisai.  A member of the tourism board will meet all ships to ensure that you have.  Yes you need to buy even if you are not diving. The current cost is 500,000 Rp.

What kind of accommodations can I find?

The  least expensive with en suite is Surya Guesthouse in Waisai. The room rate is $20 for fan room and $35 for air-con. Reservations are strongly recommended as we are full many times especially October to February.

To reserve a room please email to [email protected]

 Please take note that Reservations are not confirmed until there is payment, which can be made via PayPal, for instructions on PayPal please send a email to us!

The amount of accommodations in Waisai are limited and it is in your best interest to have a confirmed reservation if you want to have your room secured.

Waiwo Dive Rersort Indonesia
Waiwo Dive Rrsort
Yembuba turtles
Yembuba turtles at Yembuba Jetty

Waiwo Dive Resort, around 5 miles from Waisai, is a Great Value with beautiful hard wood local dive resort situated in the jungle on one of the nicest beaches in Raja Ampat.

The rates there for a nice bungalow is  $65 usd  Per Person with brand new air con bungalows which includes 3 meals a day and unlimited water, coffee and tea all day long.  Reservations are only confirmed with a paid deposit no exceptions!

[email protected]


 Raja Ampat Diving!

Dive Sites, Info and Prices

The diving   starts at $50USD  per dive if you have your own equipment . If you are doing more than 11 dives we have discounts available.    Email for more details

Raja Ampat Diving Deals

Compare this with many of the liveaboards and resorts in the area that are getting $200 per day per person and more in some cases.

Our local dive guides are very good and know all of the dive spots in central Raja Ampat. Expect to be amazed on every dive with lots of special stuff like Wobegones, 8 different types of Pygmy Sea horses , pipe fish and numerous different nudibranch, Our local guides have thousands of dives between them on the local reefs.

How to get to Waisai West Papua Indonesia?

The best way to get to Waisai and Raja Ampat is to fly into Sarong.  Their is a direct non stop from Jakarta which is the easiest way to get here.

Current Ferry Schedule for Sarrong to Waisai Waisai to Sarrong Ferry email us The Ferry price is 130,000 or 250,00 for VIP.  Email  for more details.

Flights to Raja Ampat

You can get to Sarong from Makassar and from Ambon. Now you can get from Bali to Sarong on Garuda Air.  The flights from Jakarta and Makassar are usually with the 737 aircraft which will allow you 20 kilo of checked luggage and 7kg of carry on. Generally if your check luggage is under 20 K they will not weight your carry on. If you are over 20K on the check luggage, they will many times place all of your luggage, including carry on, on the scale and then you will pay anywhere from 4 to 8 USD per kilo roughly.

When asked we suggest the flight on Express Air from Jakarta as the best way to get here. The big bummer is that it is a red eye and the gap between the flight arrival and ferry departure is many hours long.  If you go to the ferry early they will let you on and it is air con We can usually get an hour or so of sleep waiting for the departure to Waisai.

On the Ambon to Sarong flight this is usually a twin turbo-fan and the weight restrictions are strictly enforced. The total you can have is 15 Kilo, so for many people the choice is to come to Raja Ampat from Makassar. The advantage of coming through Ambon is that it is possible if you are starting out from Surabaya or Bali (the hard way) to get to Sarong in one day.

The new airport in Waisai is open to flights, at the time of this writing there is not a scheduled flight. We have seen a few charted flights come in.

We have talked to the manager of a local regional airline and they are planning on a flight from Bali to Manado onward to Waisai and then on to Palau. This will be a huge for Waisai and Raja Ampat as it will give divers one less day of travel and the option to dive two of the best dive areas in the world in Raja Ampat and Manado.

Many people when they come out to East Indonesia have to make a choice Manado or Raja Ampat, maybe soon they can do both!

What should I bring?

Bring lots of Rupiah there is a bank ATM at BMC that is a little fickle, but if you have a MasterCard and the pin you can get cash. What the service charge is we don’t know yet . We also don’t know what the daily limit is?  We do know that it only gives 50,000 notes which is not a good sign. When we do know we will update here or please feel free to send us a email at [email protected] for the latest information.

On Cash that you bring it needs to be in perfect , un bent, no folds creases  or marked in anyway otherwise they will not cash it it banks in Sarong or Waisai, NO SHIT!  USD and Euroes Only!  Exchange to Rupia in Bali , Jakarta or Makasar at the latest if you want the prevailing rate!

An excellent current resource to get more information is the book on Raja Ampat by Ricardo Buxo available on Amazon Books click here  to buy this excellent reference , Raja Ampat Underwater Paradise

Waisai has a decompression chamber!

Medicine, the quality that you will find locally would be suspect. Malaria is present in Papua, however we have not heard of any cases in Waisai. We also have not personally seen any dengue. We know from public service announcements that Dengue is present in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok and many dive resorts in Thailand. As a precaution, I would recommend long pants and thicker socks for wear in the evening. Bring a good mossy spray or cream we recommend Deep Woods Off or any that has a high concentration of deet.

A good idea is to buy Dan Insurance get the most expensive package which will include transportation to your home country.

There are a few bigger supermarkets in Sarong so you might want to consider going there and stocking up on stuff you like to snack on or eat.  Saga, Johan and Mega are the 3 we normally stop at in that order. You can find a lot of things now in Waisai, but specialty stuff is still not available.  Expect the prices in Waisai to be at least 10% higher than in Sarong for most things, even things like bananas and local fresh fruits and vegetables this is becuase of the price of fuel to get the supplies including fuel here to Waisai.

There is no alcohol for sale in Waisai you can buy beer only at Waiwo Resort.  So we suggest that you BYOB from Sarong.

How do I get to the Ferry from Sarong to Waisai?

From the airport or any hotel tell the Ojeck/Motodop/ Taxsi that you want to go to “Jalan Ferry” “Perrahu Besar Waisai”  The ferry schedule can change so please email us for the current ferry departure  times. We can also arrange transportation from Airport to ferry and ferry to Resort in Waisai Email us at [email protected]  Most days the ferry leaves simultaneously from Sarong and Waisai at 2PM Saturday is the exception where the boats leave at 11AM

Internet? Update there is now 3G service in Waisai effective July 2013 At Sorya Guesthouse we can rent you a 3Gmodem for use during your stay.

For long stays you will want to bring a USB WIFI Dongle and acquire a local Data enabled sim card Sim Pati with a Telekomsel Flash works reasonably well in Waisai town, other areas either have or don’t have 3g depending on the location to the towers.

We are very happy to answer any questions that you may have your best bet is to send an email which we will answer usually with in 12 hours however sometimes the internet is down so please be patient.

To reserve a room please email to [email protected] or other questions.

+62 (0)812 1865 8259 English Speaking Only,  in Indonesia dial 0812 1865 8259



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