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I was thinking of ways to change the world and it came to me that the single most thing that could be done for the beneifit of the reef where scuba divers are concerned would be to get the RSTC, that is the global governing body of sorts for the scuba diving industry to change the standards so that all agencies would require 10 dives befor a diver is considered qualified to dive without a professional guide.

The standards would remain the same that the first 5 dives would require the mastery of the 24 skills including swim tests and free diving ability. Then for Zen they would be required to do 5 more dives under the supervision of a instructor or dive masters that would be additionaly qualified to talk about bouancy and underwater dive etiquete like don’t touch, harras or otherwise negitivly impact the underwater eco systrem beyond leaving bubbles.

The next time you are diving in a area where course are taking place watch closely the progress of divers on the intro, resort, try divers dives 1 and 2 then the dives 3 and 4, you can see that they are moving towards being horizontal but will be using there hands and still most times be over weighted. In the current system this is where they are set loose on their own on the reefs of their choice.

then watch as they do the next 5 dives how much they improve most dramiticly when they do a Advanced course where they are givin instruction and encouragement from a trained professional. You can see where they are mostly horizontal and are properly weighted and above the reef no longer kicking it or stiring up the bottom.

Of  course many would bellow this is rediculous but bear with me it is a know fact that most divers will quit diving after thier open water course! Ask them why and the majority will tell you that they did not feel comfortable in the water.

Ask your self this as well if you are a stake holder wouldn’t make more sense to get twice as many dives out of the 90% that will stop diivng after they get their card?

The other major benifit is this if you get a diver to 10 dives  imagine if you could get 5% of the new divers comming back with scuba diving as thier new passion what it would do the industry for the long haul as well as the benfits to the reef

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