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Midnight Angelfish

Balck Angelfish Arborek

Black Angelfish or Midnight Angelfish

Black or also know as Midnight Angelfish is like many of the smaller angelfish very secretive.

We started seeing them in Bali at the USAT Liberty Wreck and we tried many times to get good underwater pictures and underwater videos and were always left with bad images as they are hiding and skittish. another challenge is the fact that they are all black so is hard to get good definition to see the eyes for instance.

On our last trip to Bali Sept Oct 2015 we were diving SW of the wreck at the drop off dive site and saw quite a few and some of them actually allowed us to get close enough for some good photos and videos with out new G16 Cannon in the OEM housing that you can purchase for it from Cannon.

Underwater Hi Def You Tube Video of Black Angelfish

This angelfish is found in deeper parts of the reef where their are lots of places for them to hide like big coral heads and caves. 15 to 30 meters seems to be the prime depth to hunt for them. The fish is all black except for a yellowish white spot on the end of the gills. The Black or our all time favorites which makes it on the smaller side of the angelfish family go here for more!Midnight angelfish is the same size as a key hole angelfish and the two spined angelfish, one of

Two Spined Angelfish

Two Spined Angelfish

Keyhole Angelfish

Keyhole Angelfish

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