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Arborek Jetty

Arborek Jetty

Arborek Jetty Large sponges.

Arborek Jetty is not one of the best dive sites in Raja Ampat but it is worthy of note for few reasons.

Arborek Village

The first being that Arborek is a small village that lies at the end of the Dampier Strait very close to Manta Sandy. This village is a good place to walk around and get a feel for village life in a village that is very much off the grid and secluded.

They have a decent pier that is easy to park the boats at. This is notable as it is at the far end of the strait and a good spot to get off the boat for a little while and stretch the legs after the 1:45 boat ride from Waisai. Besides the Passage, this is one of the farthest sites in Central Raja Ampat.

Manta Sandy Dive SiteEco Research Manta’s

The village houses two volunteer Eco Research organizations. The more active and bigger of the two being the newer one Barefoot Conservation which is focusing on reef mapping in the Central Raja Ampat area, as well as doing field research on the 2 kinds of Manta’s that are found in abundance at Manta Sandy. If you come to the village they will ask you if you have any Manta pictures and if you do please let them have them so that they can add them to the manta registry.

Open Water Dive Training Site

Arborek would be a good dive site for Open Water training with lots of sandy patches and lots to see in shallow water. New divers would be not as dangerous to the coral as they would be in some of the more advanced dive sites. With the abundance of sand it would be a good place to work on buoyancy as also a good place for underwater naturalist and to teach fish ID.

Balck Angelfish Arborek

Black Angelfish


We saw quite a few angelfish including one of our favorites the black angelfish which is very allusive, likes to hide in holes and stay in the shadows. There were also some regal, 6 banded, keyhole and black masked running around, always good to keep the new divers and underwater picture takers amused.

The highlight of the site is a massive coral head that is right off the pier in 12 meters of water. I personally spent twenty minutes on this one outcrop looking at all of the cool stuff on it including a Wobegon Shark of decent size sleeping at the base of it. Tons of soft corals and sponges and big schools of little fish adorn this rock and all of its nooks and crannies and I am sure it would look different in the changing lights of the day.

Divers skill level Beginner . Again this is a great underwater teaching site with lots of places to kneel and do skills for open water and advanced open water and to practice buoyancy skills . With Manta Sandy also known as Manta Mantra next door and the pier and village all make Arborek Jetty an interesting dive site location and lunch spot.

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