Blue Magic

School of baracudaBlue Magic Dive Site Raja Ampat

One of the more famous of the Raja Ampat Dive sites is a short ride from Waisai.  Blue Magic is often dived with Mioskon as the 2nd dive.

Predators and Pygmy’s

Blue Magic is a underwater pinnacle that starts around 7 meters and goes down to less than 30 meters.  On the top you will find all sorts of different fish species and several cleaning stations, as you descend you find bigger schools of fish and the larger predator fish, sharks and manta rays in season are common sittings. Pygmy Seahorse are also abundant on this Central Raja Ampat dive site. Expect to see big schools of barracuda.

Fast Currents and Tricky Entries = Lots of Fish and Excitement

The currents can be tricky and we have seen where groups dropped in and did not make it to the reef, and were pushed out into the open ocean, and had to abort the dive, and either start over or just not do the dive.  Many times it is a negative entry and when you hit the water you really need to concentrate and get to the shadow of the pinnacle .  Once you get deeper on the reef you will find that the current will not be as strong.

When you come up for the safety stop you need to decide whether to hide behind the pinnacle and kick out the last 3 min or just let the current take you off the reef into the blue, either is a good choice, but you better make sure that you have your safety sausage or you might be in the water for a lot longer than you planned if you elect to go out into the blue.

Advanced Open Water Divers

Best for Advanced Open Water / Adventure Divers and higher skills with current/drift dive experience.  The main part of the dive will be around 18 to 25 meters.

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