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Friwen Bonda “Pink Reef”

 Friwen Bonda Dive Site.

Pink Reef Friwen Bonda Dive Site.

Friwen Bonda is one of our favorite reefs and also one of the reefs that you are most likely to visit if you dive in Raja Ampat.

It’s most memorable features are the fans that are huge in size and are also some of the most colorful that you will find anywhere. If you can schedule it sunny days really make the shallow reef pop for underwater photos.

At the end of the dive you will do your safety stop in shallow water and have many very pink fans that cause me to petition any who have been there that the name of this dive site should have been “Pink Reef”.

When you have fans in Raja Ampat you also have Pygmy Seahorses and some other interesting macro stuff. Tons of fish are here as well, this is usually a mild drift dive and suitable for all dive levels.

Friwen Bonda SurfaceWe like to go down to 30 meters and look for the big fish, but you will have a great dive if all you go down is 12 meters. Not a good site for open water skills as there is no shallow stuff with sand. As this site has lots of fans not a good site to bring DSD Discover Try Dives.  This is a great site for most of the advanced open water and advanced Adventurer including Deep as the sand floor is around 30 meters. Underwater naturalist and drift dives are natural’s for this dive site.  Would not be good for Under water navigation.

Many times this site is dived in conjunction with Mioskun, Mikes Point, Manta Sandy, Blue Magic, Sardine and Chicken Reefs.  Also when the wind is up this will be one of the only sites available as it is protected from most winds.


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