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Mikes Point

Mikes Point Dive Site

Mikes Point Dive Site

Mikes Point one of the more popular dive sites in central Raja Ampat offers some very interesting terrain that has lots of humps, bumps, dips and walls and is one of our favorite spots as a scuba instructor to teach deep dive specialties as you have some flats at 30 to 40 meters with sand, so you are not disturbing the vegetation of which there is plenty. One of the highlights of the dive site for many is the coral gardens that you find at the safety stop which is around 7 to 10 meters deep.  After doing the deep fun part of the dive, you get to look forward to all of the hard and soft corals that you can examine at your leisure and find pigmy sea horses  turtles, woebegone and other interesting reef critter like nudibranch which there are always a few hanging around. Another highlight is the group of very photographic Chinese sweet lips that can be found very close to the wall on most dives there this particular group is not stressed by divers so you can get some spectacular underwater photos. At the safety spot area there is a potters angelfish that is very nervous and I hope someday to get a good picture to add here to the website.

Advanced Scuba Diving

This is a  advanced PADI – Advanced Adventurer SSI level dive as you can have some very strong currents and the entry is many times a negative entry. The best route is to take the island down your left hand side when you are on the far side away from Gam which will place you on the coral gardens in the lee of the island when you are close to finish. Interested is doing the SSI  Advanced Adventure while you are here in Raja Ampat send us a email and let us get you a all in quote that will make your trip all the more special. [email protected] We have budget accommodations that you can rent from Rp.350,000 to Rp800,00 for air con rooms at two different Raja Ampat resorts.  

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