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Ouwn Reef Advanced Drift Dive

Bumphead Wrasse on Ouwn Reef.

Bumphead Wrasse on Ouwn Reef.

Ouwn reef is a classic advanced drift dive with strong tidal currents this is a oceanic  magic carpet ride that you are sure to remember and will be a highlight of your Raja Ampat Dive Adventure.

Starting off the current is screaming but no need to worry that you are going to miss anything, as the reef is well beyond the distance you can cover in one tank of air.  On most dives on this site you will see 3 or 4 different sharks, with white tips ,black tips and greys spotted regularly. There is a very healthy reef cover the entire distance of the dive.  To actually see sand you need to go off the bottom of the reef, which is around 40 meters deep. You will also see huge schools of fish flashing by, with 2 different parrot fish herds seen regularly.

This is a Advanced Open Water and above limited dive. If you are not certified as a Waves Tides and currents/drift diver or Advanced open water diver with 25 dives you will need to perform a check dive for us to see that you are capable to handle this reef. Sorry No Exceptions!  If you need to upgrade your skill set we would be happy to teach you the Waves, Tides & Currents Diver Specialty or the SSI Advanced  Adventurer or Advanced Open Water course to prepare you for this dive. For more information [email protected]

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