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Underwater Photos

We hope to show a lot of the magic that is Raja Ampat in Photos and Underwater Videos.  We will make an attempt over time to record all of the fish and wildlife that we have in the area for all to enjoy. With over 1500 species in Raja Ampat we will have a lot of fish to record!

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Manta at Manta Sandy Dive Site

Oceanic Manta

Yembuba turtles


Two Spined Angelfish

Two Spined Angelfish


Dotted Butterfly Fish

dotted butterfly fish









Pacific Triangle Butterfly Fish

Pacific triangle butterfly fish







Regal Angelfish

Regal Angelfish









crocodile fish

crocodile fish


Keyhole Angelfish

Keyhole angelfish

Saddled back Butterfly Fish

Saddled back Butterfly Fish

SemiCircle Angelfish

Semi Circle Angelfish

Long Nose Hawk fish 10 to Zen

Long Nose Hawk fish

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