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Regal Angelfish

Regal AngelfishOne of the more colorful and more plentiful angelfish found on most Indonesian reefs. Regal have a sort of shimmering radiance on their tails when you get real close to them, which being angelfish they are pretty shy as they are a favorite target of underwater photographers.

Regal Angelfish resplendent in a very colorful almost rugby shirt coloration makes this spices of angelfish really stick out on the reef.  Found in almost all tropical waters in Asia and Hawaii. Here in Raja Ampat you will find then on all of the reefs. With the bold colors many people want to take pictures and runs away if you come at them too fast.

The regal is also sometimes called the Royal angelfish unless you are a scientist then you might call it a Pygoplites diacanthus but most people find either regal or royal easier to pronounce and write in your log books. Not one of the bigger angelfish with several other much larger it would be a medium sized for angelfish and slightly larger than the majority of butterfly fish.

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