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Semi Circle Angelfish

SemiCircle Angelfish

Semicircle Angelfish

Semicircle Angelfish actually don’t look that vibrant the auto levels on Adobe Photoshop created that effect but it is a nice picture of the fish this one taken at the Drop off in Bali Indonesia near Ocean Sun Resort in Tulamben.

Interesting dot pattern on the fish with various shades of Green starting dark green at the front then becoming light yellowish green them almost a black with a blue fringe around the fish.

These Angelfish are solitary found down to 40 meters 130 ft. This one pictured was shot in 5 meters on a safety stop coming up from the depths of the drop off in Tulamben around 500 meters from the USAT Liberty Wreck where they are fairly easy to spot.

Found Indonesia and Philippines out to Fiji and Papua New Guina as far north as Japan and south to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Towards the big size of angelfish at 14 inches.

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