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Two Spined Angelfish

Two Spined angelfish located in most of Asia and Hawaii. Found 5 to 20 meters on dense coral reefs.

Two Spined AngelfishTwo Spined Angelfish not real common slightly hard to find as they are very shy and very hard to get decent pictures. most commonly found in the 5 to 20 meter range on dense coral reefs. Hawaii and most of Asia. This one photo taken at Raja Ampat dive site Mikes Point in the shallows of the safety stop area.

A smaller angelfish, around the same size maybe a little smaller than a tennis ball, like the butterfly fish often found in mating pairs.

Very distintive lumenesent light blue outline set on a dark blue almost black background that cirecles most of the fish thickly with it thinner down by the belly . Gets its name from where the body turns golden ith stripes gives the appearance of another spine.

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