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Butterfly Fish

We really love the butterfly fish in Indonesia and look forward to documenting all of the butterfly fish in Raja Ampat.  Here are a few that we got some good underwater pictures of from one of our first visits to the central Raja Ampat area.


Bennets ButterflyA Bennett butterfly, this is sometimes called a eclipse butterfly and is often is confused with the 2 spot butterfly, but once you have seen the two different fish up close it is real easy to make the call on which one that you are looking at as the Bennett has a white border around the black spot as well as the Nike Swishes.  The Two spots only have the black disk.

The eclipse is a medium sized butterfly fish and while not real common not rare either in many parts of Asia and Australia. The first one I ever saw was off the great barrier reef near Carnis Australia.

Notice also that the Bennett has a white border on the eye stripe as well that is not on the two spot.

Two Spot Butterfly Fish

Dotted Butterfly Fish IndonesiaDotted Butterfly fish

Not a real common fish to find, always a treat when you can get up close and see the electric blue on the nose. Horizontal dots are the identifier on this fish. The dotted is a medium sized butterfly fish the same size as the Two spot and Bennets butterfly fish.




 Lined Butterfly fishLined Butterfly fish

Lined butterfly’s these like all butterfly fish swim in mating pairs.

This picture a deep shot maybe 20 meters using  natural light.

These are one of the biggest butterfly fish very easy to spot on the reef.



 Panda Butterfly Panda Butterfly

One of our favorites again like most of the others in the species pair up and mate for life.

Shy they like to hide in crevasses or in big coral heads but are easy enough to spot.

Easy to mark with the distinctive panda looking face and oval shape, a little translucent in shallow water with the white in the midsection popping with strong sunlight behind them.


Saddled Butterfly fishSaddled butterfly

This fish also called Saddleback butterfly fish Bright colors on this fish make it stand out with the very distinctive black saddle on the rear of this reef dweller.

Notice also the bright orange beak and the horizontal lines in the stomach area.

One of the only butterfly fish that does not have a black marking where the eye is makes this fish also stand out from other butterfly fish.



Double Saddleback Butterfly FishDouble Saddleback Butterfly fish

As the name implies has two saddles. a colorful fish the saddle butterfly fish above is much brighter. This fish also like most butterfy fish swims in pairs and rare to see them more than 20 feet apart if one watches them for any length of time. Notice the very distinctive false eye at the base of the tail. The front saddle if you will is not a solid black like the back saddle.


Crosshatch Butterfly FishCrosshatch Butterfly Fish

The Crosshatch butterfly has a very bright orange tail and a crosshatch pattern similar to a latticed or reticulated butterfly fish.

The pattern looks similar to the reticulated butterfly fish as well as the latticed butterfly.

The reticulated butterfly fish is not found in Asia that we are aware of the only place we have seen them was in 40+ meters in Hawaii off the Kona “Gold Coast on the big island of Hawaii.


Oval Butterfly fishOval Butterfly Fish

Oval butterfly have a very unique peach color and horizontal black stripes, they also have two  false eyes.

On the front of the face they have a bumblebee type configuration. in bright sunshine in shallow water they seem translucence like fine china.

For new divers these fish are some of the easiest to spot and to remember as they have very different color from the other butterfly fish but mainly for the oval shape which gives them their name.


humpheadsHumphead Butterfly fish

there are a couple of different humphead type butterfly fish that might confuse you as they look very similar.  The other one that will cause you the confusion is the double humphead.

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