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8 Banded Butterfly Fish

8 Banded Butterflyfis

8 Banded Butterflyfish

8 banded Butterfly fish is like most of the species are paired up for life.  Partial to branching corals this pair was found in a very large cauliflower coral garden around 20 meters deep at Yembuba Pier.

8 banded are one of the easiest to identify with the 8 black stripes on a yellow orange background.  Like most butterfly’s the eyes have a black stripe over them to confuse predators as to where it is looking.  There is many times a very small white blotch where the tail meets the body.

Compared to many butterfly fish this is a smaller fish compared to most others in the butterfly family.

This pair was found in a protected bay between two islands Kri and Mansor they like protected bays and lagoons as opposed to open reefs. turbid cloudy water is not uncommon for them to hang out in.

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