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Yembuba Pier

Diver Ok with Big Barracuda

Diver Ok with Big Barracuda!

Yembuba Pier Dive Site

This is  a great site for experienced divers as you can get to 40 meters with good coral cover further out with a real good chance of sharks and always a few turtles hanging out.

As a dive  instructor Yembuba Pier is one of our favorite spots to take new divers as the currents are usually very mild and the visibility is very good with lots of different fish including a couple of different kinds of Barracudas.

The site is also good for 2nd and 3rd dives when you are not looking to go deep but want a good selection of fish to observe with large sand patches for skills and peak performance  buoyancy  skills.

Predator fish

Besides the barracuda,s spotting sharks here is fairly common on most dives patrolling in the deeper water lots of hungry jacks also quite prevalent.

Butterfly and Angelfish

Yembuba turtlesExpect to see lots of different butterfly fish including tear drops, 8 banded, long nose butterfly-fish for angelfish there are Regal,s and Singapore angelfish  and 3 spot to name a few.

Central Raja Ampat Dive site

Yembuba Pier is located between Kri Island and Mansuor Island right smack dab in the middle of central Raja Ampat.

Beginner Divers OK!

Rated for DSD, and Open Water Divers and above.  with ease of entry and exit easy, usually mild currents, no over hangs or other potential hazards. Lots of coral and fish in the 8 to 16 meter range with great coral down past 30 meters for advanced divers that are heading towards the drop in point for Ouwn Reef.

Snorkelers  and Free Divers

Long Nose Butterfly Yembuba PierFor snorkelers many of the dives sites in central Raja Ampat are just to difficult because of the strong currents, as well as being out on the open ocean where the possibility of big waves on any particular day can be hard for planning. Yembuba is one of the few sites that offers spectacular coral, shallow water, and generally easy conditions for those tagging along but not scuba diving.

Under and inside the jetty you will find most of the different butterfly fish and wrasses that you will see out on the dive site in normally excellent visibility.  the water in the shallows is around 30 degrees on sunny days.

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