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Manta Sandy

Manta Sandy Dive Site Raja Ampat

Manta Sandy Dive Site

Manta Sandy also known as Mata Mantra is a signature Raja Ampat Dive Site.  Warm water diving and the ability to get  real close to the mantas make this a great site for snorkelers and free divers as well scuba divers.

Located at the far end of Mansour Island from Waisai it takes over an hour to get there, but the reward is way worth it.  Many times there will more than 4 mantas waiting to get cleaned. As the name implies this is a sandy bottom which is great place to watch these magnificent underwater acrobats.

The cleaning station for the mantas is around 12 to 15 meters and they will use most of the water column.  While they are being cleaned each manta will stay for over two minutes watch and many will stay close to ten minutes giving you plenty of time to take great photos.

The optimal time as is true for most diving is at slack tide so that the currents are reduced. The best season is from Mid October till April when there are still a few in the Raja Ampat area.

The Last Eden. Being hard to get to has its advantages and disadvantages sometimes communication can be difficult so we have several options to help you reach us!

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